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Why I am excited about TechCon 2015

Why I am excited about TechCon 2015

TechCon 2015 – a preview

My favourite time of year is about to roll around – TechCon is almost here.

TechCon is a one-day conference which is part of the UK Radio Festival.

TechCon combines the three best things about radio engineering: being able to talk about radio and technology all day; meeting wonderful new people who love radio as much as you do …and beer.

I have been lucky to serve as a TechCon committee volunteer for the last few years and (although biased), I’m excited about this year’s event.

There’s a truly international programme and I hope to see you there.

You can buy tickets for TechCon here. It takes place on Monday, 28th September 2015 in Central London.

This year’s line up includes:

The secrets of the British Library’s methods for preserving sound.

Harvest tips for saving your own station’s prize-winning work for future generations!


Engineering in a conflict zone – engineers from South Sudan, the world’s newest country, explain how they stay on air during periods of fighting, no power and extreme weather.

This will make your every day struggles with rebooting your playout system look like a piece of cake.


How Norway is handling the switchover from FM to DAB+ – Including hints for if you want to do the same in your country.


An update on Radio Everyone – bringing the Global Goals to the ears of the world.


Small-scale DAB – what it is, how it’s been working, and how it might change the way we broadcast community and pop-up radio.


The launch of SDL – behind-the scenes of the UK’s newest DAB multiplex.


The role of Digital Public Spaces, as discussed by Tony Ageh OBE and Bill Thompson.


How Audio Forensics help solve crime using sound waves.

Yes, that’s right – how the police really use sound in detective work – it’s not quite like in CSI…


Object-based audio – what it is, why it’s more than ‘just’ 3D sound and how you can use it – with experts from BBC R&D.


A radio station on a laptop. Is it possible to do everything for a radio station (from making and editing the programme to playout and transmission) on ONE laptop?

We set our experts a challenge – and they will report their findings. Better hold off on that station move project until you’ve come to this…


Mini Masterclasses: All you need to know to achieve instant-expert status on Audio over IP (AoIP) and putting cameras into studios (aka visualisation of radio).

No need to read all the manuals – come to TechCon and hear it straight from the people who did it first.


What your audiences are doing, when where and why. The latest audience behaviour research – useful for engineers to know when to avoid taking the station off-air.


The Björk Audio Experience – how sound was used to create art in New York. A possible future career for you, too?


Plus, of course, engineering favourites of eating lunch, drinking tea and going to the pub!


The TechCon 2015 team has been working really hard to get all the different sessions together and I hope you’ll agree that it’s an exciting line up.


TechCon is a techy conference, but you don’t have to have missed out on seeing sunlight for the last ten years to attend.


Engineers, station managers and producers who love technology are all welcome – if you work with radio, sound or audio and want to know where the future is, you encouraged to attend.


There will also be the infamous ‘second screen’ giving summaries and definitions (not all of them serious) for any technical terms which may have passed you by.


If you are quick, you can still bag a discounted ticket, thanks to the team at Broadcast Bionics.


Tickets for TechCon are available right now and the event takes place on Monday, 28th September 2015* at the British Library, Euston Road, London.


New technology, international guests and the chance to drink gin?


I can’t wait – see you there!

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  • Disclaimer: I am on the TechCon committee, which is unpaid although I will get a free ticket to the event. This blog is being written in a personal capacity.


*Also my birthday. Just saying.

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