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The Small Print

The Small Print

Legal Shizzle, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and General Arse Covering Blah Blah Blah Stuff

Oh goody, the small print.  Thanks for stopping by.

In summary: please be nice, don’t steal from me, don’t take anything I post seriously enough to consider it advice and please, please don’t sue me.

(Not that you would dream of doing otherwise, for if you are here, you must be lovely.)

Thank you!

Longer version for those that like that kind of thing:

Terms and Conditions

By using this website you agree to the Terms and Conditions and other related material on this site (such as this ‘small print’ page).  If you do not agree, you should stop using this site now.  The Terms and Conditions may change from time to time, so please check back regularly.

You use this site at your own risk and cannot hold the owner responsible for any risks or damages resulting in doing so.

This site operates under English law.

Blogpost comments should be constructive and not contain any offensive or defamatory material.  Comments and other contributions may be edited, moderated, not published or removed at the owner’s discretion.

Comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the site’s owner or other contributors.

Opinions and suggestions given in articles are general overviews only, and do not represent technical, legal, or any other type of advice.  Unless otherwise stated, any views given are the author’s only, and do not mean they represent those of their employer(s) or any voluntary or other organisations to which they may be linked.

Extracts from articles may be republished with attribution to the author and without prior permission.  Reuse of whole articles, sections of the site or training materials is prohibited unless by prior agreement with the site owner.  If in doubt, please get in touch and explain what you are trying to do.

The articles remain (c) Ann Charles, unless otherwise stated.

Anyone submitting comments or content for use on the site grants the owner a license to reuse that work on this site or other similar sites in the future.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and personal information is important to us.

You can use this site without giving any personal information.

As is standard on websites, we do use tracking tools like Google Analytics to help work out which pages are the most popular.  Tracking sites will give information such as the country in which you are browsing, but they won’t identify you personally to us.

You need to voluntarily give us some personal information in order to do things like comment on blogposts, submit feedback and sign up to our email newsletter.

Our email newsletter is run by an external company’s software.  You may unsubscribe at any time.  We will not sell your data to other companies.  In the unlikely event this changes in the future (e.g. somebody offers to buy this company outright), we would let you know in advance and give you the option to opt out before the sale went through.  This isn’t likely, but you never know…

Cookie Policy

Cookies, by Tim Spivey
Credit: Tim Spivey

Cookies are wonderful, but not as good as biscuits.  They are especially nice dunked in a nice cup of tea.

Cookies also help some parts of the website to run.  For example, the tracking software we use to help check which parts of the site people most enjoy will use an anonymous tracking cookie to help deliver the information.  Cookies may also be in place to save information you have put into forms so that you don’t have to retype it another time (e.g. username).

By using the site, you are agreeing that it may send you cookies from time to time.

You are free to disable cookies in your browser, but be aware that not all parts of the site will work so well if you do.

Transparency and Affiliate Links

Some links on this website may be affiliate links, by which the site owner will get a referral fee if you click the link and buy a product via that route.  This should not affect the price you will pay.  Affiliate links will not affect reviews of items or the content surrounding them.


The site owner cannot be held liable for any error, omission, technical failure, damage, or any other kind of loss as a result of using this website or consuming the content therein.

No part of this site should be considered as advice.  You should contact a legal, medical or other professional as relevant to discuss your own circumstances.

External links do not imply endorsement and no responsibility can be taken for the content of external websites.


If you aren’t sure of anything, the simplest thing to do is to get in touch.  This site is not run by a mega giant, faceless corporation, but by an Ann who is trying to do her best.  She’s not evil, and is not out to cause you damage by using the site – but if you want to check anything out, do feel free to drop her a line!

Site Credits

Most of the editorial-style photographs were taken by the wonderful Mandi Lynn.

Shelly Isaacson created the colour scheme.

Contact Info

Ann Charles – hello @ anncharles . tv (remove the spaces)

An extra message for anybody who has read all the way to the bottom

I’m really surprised and grateful you have got this far.  Although I do worry that you aren’t getting out, much.  Have you considered a hobby?  Tiddlywinks is quite popular.  Collecting buttons?  Joining your local theatre group?  I hope you have a lovely day, and just for you, I have posted a picture of a squirrel eating an ice cream.


Squirrel eating ice cream
Credit: Kham Tran